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Slaves of Thomas F Drayton of Magnolia Plantation, Hilton Head, South Carolina, 1862. 

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The Slaver Quarters Of New Orleans

A frequent question I get all the time from my out of town buddies is, “hey TJ  what’s the best plantation tour to see the slaves homes?” The same buddies are always caught off guard when I tell them “the French Quarters!” That’s right, the New Orleans French is the perfect place to visit the former homes of enslaved Africans, as I call it, living history that’s in pristine condition. And don’t get me wrong, the angels who have restored and preserved The Whitney Plantation deserve all of our gratitude (I strongly recommend everyone to pay it a visit), but Whitney is only half of the story. In the New Orleans region, there existed two type of accommodations for slaves:

Traditional Plantation Homes (Whitney Plantation)
Marigny Half Homes (Vieux Carre’ / French Quarters)

That’s right, every time you take a scroll through the French Quarters, you travel back through time to 1830’s,  and bask in the most authentic historic community in the country. The fact that many of the Slave Quarters in the French Quarters are still occupied by residents – makes the French Quarters the absolute best place to see the homes of Enslaved people anywhere in the world. The best part of all – it’s all free of charge, and each week I plan to bring you new batch of photos. I invite all of you to come visit this city I love – let’s take a walk together.

If you are intrigued by the former homes of enslaved Africans, then I’m sure you will enjoy my New Orleans classic novel – Nine Notches. It covers the story of Africans Americans who lived in the Vieux Carre as both Free People of Color, and enslaved Africans.

Hope to see you soon in New Orleans

Author TJ Spencer Jacques

The Slave Quarters Series Photos taken June 27, 2019
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